Research has demonstrated that patients who are active participants in making their own treatment plan achieve better outcomes, and have a better understanding of their treatment. While we will make recommendations according to our experience and expertise, a collaborative client/provider relationship is crucial. We offer a variety of modalities from which the patient can choose to help shape their own path to recovery. 


Below are some of our treatment modalities.



We have an evidence-based approach to the use of psychiatric medication. Expected benefits, possible side effects, and any potential risks are explained in detail at the outset of any new medication therapy. The client’s response to medication is carefully monitored throughout the course of treatment in two ways: by the client’s subjective response, and with evidence-based screening tools. We shape our goals concerning medication therapy to the patient’s unique needs.



A client’s trust in, and rapport with, his or her therapist is the primary determinant of the success of therapy.  While we do not offer traditional longitudinal talk therapy, CARMApsychiatry practitioners are trained in certain modalities that inform the treatment process.  We work with an extensive network of colleagues throughout Austin and the Hill Country, and will facilitate referrals to the most appropriate individual therapist, group therapy experience, or more intensive care service for the client. 



Mindfulness, meditation, massage, yoga, and acupuncture have all been shown to have positive therapeutic effects in cases of depression, anxiety, substance misuse, and more. We work with a network of providers who can offer these services, and we encourage clients to work with those that they already know and trust.