$300 (nurse practitioner)  /  ($400 psychiatrist)

The initial visit lasts about 40 minutes and consists of a thorough interview and history with time allotted for provider and client to collaborate on a proposed plan of care. The final 10 minutes are reserved for any questions, concerns, or additional information that may have been overlooked in the interview.  



$150 (nurse practitioner)  /  $200 (psychiatrist) 

These appointments typically last 20 minutes and are intended to assess the client’s reaction to therapies and medications; modifications to the plan of care will be made as indicated. We use evidence-based, self-reported scales and screening tools to allow the client and provider to track progress objectively. 


We know that the period following an inpatient stay can be difficult. To best support our clients currently residing in a sober living facility we offer reduced rates.  For those clients who are on a stable medication regimen and who can provide treatment documents from their discharging facility, initial visits are treated as follow ups and are billed as such.  An initial evaluation, if necessary, with a nurse practitioner is $250 and with a psychiatrist is $350.


$600 evaluation/$300 follow up

Dr Tirado is available to see a very limited number of clients per month.  Your treatment will consist of an initial evaluation and plan of care recommendations, including any medications, and one follow up visit to assess medication efficacy and tolerability.  After the first follow up visit, Dr Tirado will refer you to either the MD or the NP to continue care management.  



Our staff can provide comprehensive outpatient services in the privacy and security of your home or place of business, and can be accommodated within 72 hours of the request for services.  Call for rates.



We value all clients’ time.  A space held for you is a space not available to another person seeking help.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed at 100% of the stated rate.